New site!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new site! It's a bit of an upgrade from the old Blogger platform, which has been inactive for a while. Now I'm back up and running again there shouldn't be any need to visit the old site. All the old crafts (yes, even the bad ones) are right here and all the files are hosted right here too. No need to be re-directed to Mediafire or Google Docs! Just one click to download.

As you might also be able to tell from the millions of buttons scattered around the site, I'm going to be funding these crafts through Patreon. Patreon enables independent artists to keep creating free content whilst giving them financial support - something everyone needs! So please, if you like what I do and want to give something back, consider supporting me.

All the new crafts (which will be coming once a month) will still be posted in a blog format, and you'll be able to access them from the homepage. This blog is for updates, progress & news, and you'll find a link to it in the top bar. Because I'm funding this through Patreon, I'd like to focus more on community and what you want, so remember - requests, feedback, anything is welcome in the comments or on social media.

Look forward to the first craft to be posted from the re-launch - Captain Toad, coming soon!